Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Monet Experience - A Night Out

How cute is the invite!
You know those nights you have with someone that you never really get to see? Well in the hustle and bustle of my life my, sadly, Dad is one of those. I’m always in my room trying to “study” (or really watching youtube videos) and I feel that I can’t relax with family members around me as I have so much to do (like find new youtubers…) so when my Dad mentioned that his work was having a work function at the Monet exhibition at the NGV I jumped out of my skin at the chance!

How delicate and gorgeous was the invitation?! Dad let me keep it for my non-glory-glory-box! The little ticket’s too were pretty gorgeous!

I unfortunately wasn’t able to take any photos there, but as it was a cocktail party everyone was dressed so suave and gorgeously! So all the limited photo's I do have are shifty ones on my phone. 

What a tag-dag! 
I wore my Angel Biba dress, it's one that I’ve had for about 3 or so years now and I'm not sure if the brand it still available. But it was great to be able to take out such nice clothing from my wardrobe as I never get to leave the house all dressed up. So I felt a bit like a princess! 
The colour on the right
For a review and swatches and way better
photo's go to Citra's lovely blog here : )

After much deliberation I chose Sportsgirls “Bombshell” (Pictured right) on my lips. It was a light, bright red and though it was a bit out of my comfort zone, there was no lipstick malfunctions and as it turned out, I really like the colour! I wore this with a nice classy make-up look paired with winged eyeliner and straightened hair that I curled towards the ends and flipped over my shoulder. I was also super excited as I wore a Forever 21 bracelet my close friend gave to me for my 18th!  
Pictured; the forever 21 bracelet

For once I was actually ready on time! My dad proudly escorted my to the main room where little horderves(is that really how it's spelt?!) were served and the atmosphere was lovely. You know that saying about feeling like a million dollars? well I felt that way that night. I had conversations with many interesting and inspiration people, that weren't just from Australia. That's what made the experience so different! They told me all about their take on art and of Monet. It's like that night I got introduced to  a new culture! and the whole experience was just, great!
The works! Oh the works were brilliant. I don’t get to see much art often, but maybe its because I’m much more interested in the history of the art, and the person behind it. But the change to peruse to my own will, Monet’s allusions and how an artist see’s the world was much to my taste! If you have the chance, please, please do go see it!

I don’t want to ruin the whole experience for those who have yet to see it, there are some unique hands on parts of the little journey and my description will not be enough to describe how amazing the experience of this was, so I guess you’ll just have to go see it yourself! But I must say my favourite part was the very end of the walk where there was a dark room and chairs, and a giant screen that went from the side of the room, to the other. They played calming sounds of Monet’s little house and showed the inside and the beautiful gardens that it is surrounded by. It’s so difficult to explain because the cinematography and the execution of this was simply perfection! 
Oh and did I mention the little goody bags? Though, I think these were the classiest I ever saw! Complete with a little Monet miniature and a French Candle, the little surprise at the end of the night simply made it a magical night to remember with my Dad!

Have you seen Monet, attended the exhibition or is there any that you would recommend?! 

I just looked up the dates and the exhibition closes on the 8th of September at the NGV (National Gallery of Victoria) 

Love, love, love from the crazy classy Lady! 

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