Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It starts with a blank page...New Youtube Adventure

It's always nice when you get a good reception on something you took lots of time and effort to work on.
Whilst experimenting with my camera and from the inspiration from certain youtubers, (Im looking at you EMILIYOFNEWGLOOM) I felt inspired to do something different. Outside of beauty video's and Vlogs. Guess what! I think I actually really like it! 
It is most definitely my attempt at sounding like I think about other things besides make-up. I hope for others that it is somewhat thought provoking. It was definitely a growing experience for me (it sounds funny I know!)

My little baby stars in her first video
It is the first time many people I know will have seen my play guitar (and yes, though you can't see the body of it, that is the actual sound and video of me picking through some sweet, sweet melodies) but lets be honest here. We're all glad I didn't actually sing! 

and of course, what is a video without my practicing my silly faces                                             beforehand? I'm sure you will get used to it one day! 

Then the editing begun! I spent quite a long time on this project! I'm so proud on what I came up with, and I was even confident enough to show my parents...They got a bit teary eyed! 

Then was the realisation after I had uploaded it to my youtube...I HAD FORGOTTEN MANY CLIPS! Well, isn't that a dilemma? I guess that just means I'll have to make more.... ; ) 
If you'd like to check out my video, I would be indebted to you forever, and I will make you numerous cups of tea, and buy you lots of kittens! and better yet if you were to help with a little constructive criticism and support! Oh, and of course, check out my Muse's channel! She is utterly divine and I can only strive to reach the level of eloquence that she does! You will be hooked in no time, I promise you! 
Here's the link to my video, sit back, relax and enjoy!!
Don't forget to leave me a comment below of your thoughts! As well as your youtube channel or stories about delving out of your comfort zone and in to something completely new! 

Lot's of crazy cat Lady Love,

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