Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Miss Dior Minatures (Our first year anniversary)

Miss Dior Miniatures (Our first year anniversary)

Is it weird to have an anniversary with a perfume...?
In my recent Favourite video on my Youtube channel I was indeed super excited to introduce three my true love’s of the world to anyone that would listen and since it's one year anniversary together, I thought I would do a special little post on these three Pieces of petit perfection (hows that for alliteration?) 
They're so delicate and tiny that they're probably one third of my hand.  

As you can tell from the photos I took, (which I think I’m becoming better at as Im quite proud of these) The three bottles of the Miss Dior Miniatures that I own are just magnifique!
I honestly cannot stop looking at them! Rightfully they have their own little special place on my bookshelf because their packaging is just so superb! They remind me of something that should be placed delicately in Burlesque Boudoir or and for one or two, even the Boudoir of a certain French Queen! 

The houndstooth print on the bottom of the bottles adds a fashionable quirk, though the print of the numbers and letters takes away from it. 

I love the little cute bow that is attached to the lid. When the lid is removed, revealed is little opening for the perfume. (pictured on the right) 

Amongst other reasons, this was another addition to the list of why these perfumes were different from any other perfumes I had ever owned. There is no nozzle, just a little dispenser type thing. No spritzing all over the body, but light daps on to the pulse points of the body. For some reason I love this. It makes the whole application process feel much more vintage and I feel like the Perfume is much more of a purer fragrance, which is evident in the longevity of the perfume which lasts longer than any I've ever owned. Oh! and if you hold it upside-down it is designed not to leak! and the label? One word. Perfection! 

Hmm! Now which one of the three to start with? Perhaps my favourite? By force I would have to say the Eau de Parfum...But only because it seems to change according to my mood and today I feel like I need some extra Pizzaz! 

This one has the atmosphere of the French renaissance to me. I think Marie Antoinette's boudoir, midnight secret walks and late night gambling with champagne, all with the class and sophistication of course!

I am no means an expert in the world of fragrance, but I hope my imagery is aiding in your understanding to why I adore these miniatures! If not, the following in-depth exploration will be sure to aid you!

On the Dior website,  (it will take you to the specific perfume page) the description reads to have being with the;
 'sharp charm of fresh fruity, citrus prelude into blossoming floral notes, then on to the noble elegance of patchouli, before finally concluding with musk'

By this it means the top note contains the essence of an Italian Mandarin, the heart note of Arabian Jasmine Absolute and the base note of the essence of Indonesian Patchouli. 
Another helpful description given by the website is that of the description's of what the top note, heart note and the core note means: 

'The top note is the first olfactory impression and the most volatile.
The heart note is the fragrance's core and lasts for several hours.
The base note lasts the longest and can be perceived in clothing for several months'

As it is a parfum, this is the strongest most long lasting perfume out of the three. It is definetly the most suitable for nights such as dates and events, but I also believe it is a fresh enough scent to wear during the day. 

Living up to it's name, the Blooming Bouquet as a 'tender floral' perfume is aimed at 'elegant young ladies' and again as the website notes:

'This delicate floral bouquet, composed of peony accords and subtle sparkling fruity notes, leaves a fresh and elegant signature, with a touch of irreverence'

Much like the first, this very vintage-fresh style scent is perfection for everyday wearing, though probably more so than the Eau de Parfum

The top note is again the Essence of a mandarin which emphasises to me why there is a similar scent link throughout the set. Followed by the heart note of a Peony and the Base Note of White Musk. 

And last but not least it is the...(drum roll please!)
Eau de Toilette! 

To me, this is the most subtle scent, but oh my, it IS perfection. (Maybe we should count how many times I say perfection...PERFECTION!)
As written on the website;
'In the words of Christian Dior, "I created this perfume to wrap each woman in exquisite femininity, as if each of my designs were emerging from the bottle one by one." Born with the New Look in 1947, the house’s first perfume incarnates the signature of a great designer in the timeless elegance and refinement of a classic green chypre with galbanum and jasmine.'

            It's the original scent? WHAT?! My day just improved a whole lot more!

The Top Note in this perfume Galbanum, but the link with the Eau de Parfum is the Heart Note of Jasmine and the Base Note of Patchouli. 

All the scents are just so gorgeous and feminine and girly but not too overpowering and definitely not too old or too young! The one downside to this, which is probably the worst would have to be the price. The price here is exuberant. Unless I'm mistaken it pushes over the $200 mark. This means that I have been, for the past year attempting to ration the minimal 5ml bottles I own. 

So I encourage that with caution, that you go into your local department store and sniff these cuties out! I have yet to find more miniatures available in store, but I do in my daydreams! 

Have you ever tried these superb perfumes? Or even found one similar? Oh! and since I've told you one of my favourite perfumes, tell me what's yours?! I'd love to know and have some recommendations! 

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