Sunday, August 11, 2013

A vlog, an OOTD, and the Boyfriend with my camera...//MaddyBeautyLove

A vlog, an OOTD, and the Boyfriend with my camera

Testing out my facial expressions preparing for the filming I planned for that day.

Yet another very attractive Facial Excercise Practise! 

My boyfriend & I enjoyed a winter walk around the neighbourhood in which we tried to catch as much sun as possible! 

I feel as though I should get points for going on this walk in heels...and not slipping over!

Just a bit of cam-ception during the filming of my vlog
As well as coaxing him into taking a few snapshots that didn't quite turn out so well.

When we got back I decided I wanted to experiment a lot more with the settings on my camera and I'm actually really happy with how most of them turned out!

He picked this as his favourite. 

Though my boyfriend was more impressed with his work with the camera...
 (The one on the right is mine)

My and my first apron, mitt and tea-towel set from typo.
(Can be seen fully in my haul)

I've decided to try and perfect the art of heel's and socks. As its commonly noted socks and sandals are not ok, unless it's the apparent trend of Jelly sandals and "hip" socks..(whatonearthiswiththistrend) I tend not to delve in to fashion trends that would set me too far outside my comfort zone, but this look I'm pleased with. 

Shoes from Novo & socks from Sportsgirl

Isn't it gorgeous? I feel as sophisticated as Marianne!

Thank you for reading! See you around soon Honey Bunches!


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