Monday, August 26, 2013

So lets talk. Trash talk.

So lets talk. Trash talk.  

After months I finally decided it was time to go through my make-up shelf and make some space again.
I have yet to finish any other “make-up” products but I have finished many beauty products that have just been lying around my room or that I kept specifically for this occasion, in my Tiffany & Co bag. How posh!
(It’s really to disguise that they were empty products or what my mum calls “rubbish”)

Let's begin with my Simple products shall we? As I noted in my Empties Video, I have a very, Simple Skincare Routine…YES! The pun still works!

We shall begin with the usual empties piece, facial wipes. These are the Simple Skincare Kind to Skin Cleansing Facial wipes.
I buy these because they aren’t harsh on young skin and aren’t very expensive at all. They can usually be found at Safeway on special for a dollar or two. They also claim to have that Vitamin-ey goodness with no alcohol or perfumes which is fantastic for those with sensitive skin or dry skin. They aren’t the most amazing facial wipes (there are 25 wipes in a pack), they aren’t extremely drenched in the formula so I find my self having to use two wipes per attempt of taking make-up off, that I follow by a wet face cloth and sometimes when I’m not lazy; with a toner.

But of course on sale, I would buy these again! They do certainly do the job! 

I also finished up the Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Facial Toner.

I loved the facial toner as it was free of nasties, being 100% alcohol free (gives them the right name of being “experts of sensitive skin”) and containing vitamins that skin absorb quickly. Though a negative for me was that it felt as though I was just putting water on my face.
It didn’t give me a tingling feeling that I love so much, but it also didn’t give me that skin “tight” feeling that everyone so much dislikes.
This negative is enough for me to question whether I would buy it again. It retails for about $10 but on sale, the 250 ML is a very good price. At this moment in time I’m testing out other facial toners.

 The next item I am throwing out, I already had a back up of. This is the Simple Kind to Skin Moisturising Facial Wash. This baby is my baby. I use this every morning and night, unless its the "every other day" in which I'll use my St. Ives Apricot Scrub and The Body Shop Passion fruit Cleanser.

Though it claims to be foaming, I really don’t think it is. Though I do adore the almost milk like consistency, it gives off a lovely softness that my skin seems to love.
I appreciate it being 100% soap free as I am not left with that horrible squeaky feeling that soap usually gives leaves behind. 
So I would recommend this item for young skin,  as I will continue to repurchase it. 

The next wipes are the Smart Skin Facial Cleansing Wipes. These badboys are also fragrance free and claim to be “fresh” and “moisturizing”. As they claim, the drenched wipes allow make-up easily to glide off, thus I only really ever use one of these wipes followed by a wet cloth (there are also 25 wipes in this pack). Being alcohol and oil free, they are awesome for sensitive skin and as they are moisturing good for dry skin too.

Again, I would definatly buy these as they are so often on sale at Safeway for a dollar. 

Next we have a lovely delicacy! It is the Nivea “Irresistibly Smooth” Body Souffle. I won’t go on about this too much as I dedicated a video towards it in my Youtube Pamper Series, but this little bad boy (by little, I mean 300ml) felt like icing on my skin, in a good way. It was soft and creamy and with the use of shea butter as a highlighted ingredient in this lotion, it is good for dry skin and creating hydration that lasts for ages. I am not too sure yet what the whole “Hyrdra IQ” thing is all about, but I guess that will be my Blogging Homework for the week.

It didn’t take me too long to use up the 300 ml’s but I just love that for once I could literally use every single dollop! (I like the use of my dessert puns here) I love the whole tub thing! It’s like when you want to get every single square inch of that ice cream! And because it’s a tub there is nothing (like annoying awkward packaging) in your way! I have no need to get the chainsaw out to dissect the bottle to get the reminants of the last usage out when the bottle is almost empty.

I think that’s why I loved this product so much. After all, as it was a “souffl√©” I found that it took a little longer than usual body lotions to completely absorb so it wasn’t ideal for School mornings. And at $10 for just 300mls and after I used it up quite quickly, its hard to say whether I’ll buy this again anytime soon. But I would definitely recommend it, perhaps for those who don’t use lotion’s or butters often. It’s a nice, cheap alternative to the Body Shop Body Butters that are usually around $27 for I think, 200ml. 

I won't say much, I say as I continue to write an essay...

Next up we have the Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hair Repair Leanve In Mousse Treatment. For Normal to Stressed Hair.
With liquid Keratin, Marrakesh Oil and Coconut it is supposed to make your hair extra healthy and supple and shiny, but I wasn’t really feeling it. The texture of the product was sticky and to me, incompetent in being able to give my hair any extra life. It was a product that I honestly just wanted to get rid of. It didn’t feel like it was nourishing my hair more than what other leave in treatments could do. 

I’m glad that I only paid around $10 for the set at Target. (It came with the relative shampoo and conditioner)
This would be something I would never repurchase.

One that I would repurchase is the Pantene Pro-V Night Miracle Essence Leave in Treatment.

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I loved this. It made my hair feel so soft, but with no greasiness or stickiness.
This is supposed to be applied with wet hair and then washed out the next day. This is something I never did, so I'm not sure if that in turn was ruining my hair, but it didn't show it! I loved the feel, the warm sort of scent and how it made my hair feel. I believe it retails for about $12 or so dollars. Though I haven't seen this one around for a while! 

Here we have the Sunsilk Keratinology Heat Protector Spray. It's always hard to judge whether heat protectant spray's actually do much in protecting one's hair, but I still buy it. Every time. Not this one in particular though. I usually like one that will leave my hair feeling soft following the use of heat. Especially if I curl my hair. But this one, I wouldn't repurchase mainly because it didn't tick that box. The scent was also a sickly sweet smell.

I guess there's not much use of writing much about the Aromatherapy Essentials Ultra Moisturising Lotions as I believe that they are just made for hotel rooms, but oh well!
These did nothing too special, they just reminded me of the body lotions we made in science two or so years ago!
I will probably be attempting to use these as my own travel size lotion containers.

Though I LOVE Rimmel London, their Fix & Perfect Primer was incredibly disappointing.

It claims to "smooth skin" and "minimise pores" But I didn't find that it did either of those things. Perhaps it did prolong my foundation wear, but I just do not like this product.

Firstly the orange colour put me off straight away! I felt like it made my foundations more orange-y and look worse, and the smell was so pungent it was off putting.

This is something that I would never repurchase. Though I am aware of the other Primer in this range. It is a clear formula and I have seen many good reviews of it but it isn't available here in Australia. Sad face!

And last but not least we have here is  Taylor Swifts Enchanted Wonderstruck Perfume.
It's the first of two little sample bottles that I attained over Christmas, and the scent is delightfully gorgeous!
I use this as the "Weekend" or "Date" perfume to my Wonderstruck that I use as my casual perfume.
I won't write much more on this, only because I have the BIG bottle of this perfume sitting on my Bookshelf, thus hinting strongly that I am aware there will be certain perfume posts that will occur in the future. So be sure to stick by my blog for that!!!

So if you got all the way to the end, thank you so much for reading! 
Be sure to check out my latest Youtube channel for the Empties video and others! 
I will be sure to upload a very, VERY large Collective Beauty haul within the next week, so look out for that too!