Monday, August 12, 2013

My Dress Shopping Encounters//MaddyBeautyLove

My Dress Shopping Encounters

Dress hunting for special occasions can be super duper hard and if you're anything like me, you hate the process of trying on clothes. Taking clothes off, putting clothes on, taking clothes off, putting clothes back on....and so on and so forth.
It's a long, hard, tiring process that usually, for myself at least, ends in my head in the sleeve (Which I never seem to fail to do) or attempting to find my way out of clothing that I swim in. Not just this, but I'm unusually picky. Whether this is derived from my picky eating, being too lazy to try on clothes and possible the fact that I am the most honest (sometimes negative, ask my mum!) clothing critique I know. To even get me looking at clothes is an achievement! This is unless your store name is Alannah hill! 

I just thought I'd show you a few sneaky photos (thus I apologise for the horrible quality of the photos) I took in the lovely store of Alannah Hill back in April when trying to find some lovely evening-vintage-esque pieces. 

These were taken around the same time I started to watch BBC's Downton Abbey and some pieces, though as you can see were too big; I so badly wanted to buy them so I could prance around my bedroom with an English accent and listening to classical music.

Of course, there were pieces that I tried on for Mama Bears entertainment. This being Much to my dismay. Try and see if you can guess which dresses they were!

Ever since I was introduced to the Alannah Hill designs, I could not  help but just own everything! From the gloves to the hats and especially the tights! What I wouldn't give for those tights! But I have yet to focus my spending on clothing. I find it hard to spend a large amount of money on clothes that must be dry-cleaned...This stopped me from getting a $90 christmas inspired sweater that I would give up my first child for! Drastic, but truthful! Surprisingly, and sadly, I don't have documentation of this piece, though I could describe it down to every strand of its perfect existence! Hopefully it is now with someone with just as loving and as much adoration for the piece as I hold for it!

I think it is obvious to say that I left this attempted shopping trip empty handed. Though I did pick up a few things from other shops (Including a cheaper, less maintenance christmas-y sweater) *Hi-fives all round!

However, since, my mum never fails to nonchalantly remind me of her cardigans, dresses and numerous other pieces she has purchased in the past.

The finest detail is given to each piece, and even the stores are absolutely gorgeous and luxurious!

If I am correct, a good selection of their stuff is made right here in Australia!


Lots and lots of love, 

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