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Rimmel London 'Wake Me Up Foundation' Review //MaddyBeautyLove

When a product is raved about in the beauty-blog-spehere, usually the price range of this said thing is astronomical to a high school teenager. 

This is why like many others, I am a hawk when it comes to finding a good sale as I am that said person mentioned above. So after hearing the amazing Zoe (Zoella) and many others rave about Rimmel London's 'Wake Me Up Foundation', after I used up the Covergirl Nature Luxe Liquid Silk Foundation as an excuse to buy another foundation. After I found it on sale of course!

This I bought for I believe it was 15 or so dollars on sale from Safeway, (it will never be "Woolworths" in my heart) not knowing the original RRP I cannot make a perfect judgement, however the price of this I am aware, is expensive for Rimmel London as a "drugstore" but also as the brand.

My skin type:
Normal. I have an array of freckles, with the occasional teenage collection of trademarks.

The foundation has a very orange-y undertone that can become very obvious if not blended in around the hairline and the neck areas. However I mistakingly got True Ivory 103, which was one shade darker than what I should have purchased.

Thus I had mini-attacks of asking my mum, my friends "is it blended in?"& " Do I look orange?". This is something that I couldn't just throw on and rush out the door, time is essential if you want it to look natural on your skin. 

It wasn't  a foundation that I felt "in my skin in" but it did the job. I think the constancy was smooth and silky similar to Covergirl's Nature Luxe foundation. I also noticed it had a nice coverage like the Covergirl foundation.However the Nature Luxe foundation has a darker more natural colour pay-off than the strong orange tone of this foundation.

I have begun to apply one coat, let my skin absorb that, continue to my eye make-up, then following applying my mascara, I have applied an extra coat of foundation...Bad, I know. But once you're in the habit it's very hard to stop!

This Foundation made me realise that the routine I had adopted of:

  1. Applying a thin layer of foundation.
  2. While the foundation sinks in to my skin, continuing my eye make-up.
  3. Then to follow the mascara with another layer of foundation in order to correct any mistakes or any hand marks I would've made whilst leaning with my hand on my face. 
With this foundation, I realised that this routine needed to be trashed. Though that doesn't mean that it didn't work well with other foundations but with the 'Wake Me Up Foundation', The one application was enough to give my skin good coverage where unlike other foundations; freckles and other blemishes were visible.

 So now that you've seen how it looks on my wrist, you can imagine how a second coat made my face look if a second layer is applied. Imagining it? Maybe stop. If it's too much to handle. 

The packaging is possibly what actually appealed to me the most. It's clear, straight bottle gives of the resonance of sophistication and the pop of colour from the orange just gives it some more "oomph". I love the idea of the pump, as it's like Nars Sheer-glow and Mac's liquid foundations, though I'm not sure how I will be able to completely finish the product as squeezing it out is not an option. I've seen a method where you put the bottle in warm water which separates the product from the packaging, but I have yet to find out.

The smell though I don't dislike it, I could definitely go without it. It would've been pleasant to compete with the fatigue of the morning with some zesty, alive, fruity smells. But the scent didn't provoke an "anti-affigue" effect in me.

I appreciate the SPF 15 and the Radiant Glow it gives off on my skin, with the help of other products it does aid me in not looking so much a zombie, but very much a lucky teen who got sleep the night before. 

Overall, though the foundation is not disappointing, I would not re-purchase it again (in the right shade next time!) due to the fact that I am still experimenting with what is really effective for my skin type and until I find that holy grail foundation, I don't have a need for a foundation asks for too much more than a minimal.

Have you tried the Wake Me Up Foundation? What are your thoughts?!

(Breathes a sigh of relief) It was good to get this post off my chest!
Thank you so much for reading!!

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