Friday, January 3, 2014

2013's Little Gem ||MaddyBeautyLove

This is a post I started quite a while ago. It started something like; 'What a relief, I finally have my lunch times, late nights and lunch times back! Now I can worry about something else!'
But now I can finally say, that I can, from now on choose my own lunch times, (at least for now) because I have well and truly graduated high school! With top-ish marks! But more on that later! 

Because for now I am excited to share with you. Perhaps one of my proudest moments of this year, It was the bane, but the most beautiful bane of my existance, and what has also perhaps given me a taste of what I want to delve in to, in my future.


The planning, production and final completion of my year 12 media film! (Link here) And what an what an experience it was! It took tears, late nights, lots of stress and frustration and lots of tea. (Filmed tea, and boyfriend made tea)

There were countless shots that I couldn't/didn't use, frustrations when I arrived home and the shots didn't turn out how I hoped, and because of the period of time that it was se,t there were LIMITLESS shots that I had to try and avoid those sneaky modern cars that sat in the background.

But here we are! Months and a perfect mark later and I'm proud to present to you my first independent short video...with other people in it other than myself!

It's definitely a different genre from the media work that a group and I produced the year earlier. Where I starred as an evil/dead/ghost/typethingo

This time I opted for a 1940's-ish young detective writer, and I couldn't be any more pleased with the look of my starlet! Though, I could be happier if someone else had taken the job of the video's voiceover. A job that I had to undergo whilst putting on a horrible english-ish accent! Cringe!

This year I had a lovely selection of actors, whom I thank with my whole heart! A special thank you also to my own Papa Bear and my boyfriend who aided me in keeping my calm! (I foresee lots of explanation marks in this post!)

Caitlynn in her busking goodness! 
The video's star! 
The locations I chose were honestly to die for and I almost couldn't be happier about the weather that day. It gave me a perfect opportunity to use my Mum's gorgeous umbrella. (Pictured above)Admiring the hair/make-up? That was thankfully created by Liv or OccasionallyLiv on youtube! Look her up, she is magic with her brushes! 

Filming the last shots & doing Foley sounds
Then suddenly it was over in a flash! I was left without my giggling friends who laughed at my anal behaviour and I had to tackle the hours of footage to fit in my given time allowance.

But I finally had an idea of mine come to life. It was magical!  I would love to share it with you, and it would make my day to see any support or comments on my video and to share what you think! 

Bon soir! 


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