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The About Me Tag! ||MaddyBeautyLove

I thought it was high time I told you a little more about myself! I found this tag as I was meandering around Zoella's blog! I'm not sure exactly what its called, but I hope you all enjoy learning a bit about me! I would love if y'all too did this tag, I love learning and meeting new people!
 Happy readings!


Vital Statistics:

Me: Maddison

Nicknames: M&M, Maddy, (or Maddie or Maddi depending on your spelling)

Birthday: 18/04/1995
Place of Birth: Melbourne, Australia
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Male or Female: Female
Occupation: Almost uni-student?
Residence: Australia
Screen Name: MaddyBeautyLove/MaddyLovesExtra

Hair Colour: Brown
Hair Length: Long
Eye colour: According to my boyfriend it is a "weird blue-y/dark grey- blue on the outside and hazel grey/blue on the inside...' My eyes change colour in the light. 
Best Feature: My eye's because they are so different. 
Height: Eh! Medium almost small height? 
Braces?: Nope! But I remember wanting them when I was a young tot! 
Glasses?: Also something I remember wanting in primary school but never had. 
Piercing: I used to have ear piercings, but they've closed up! 
Tattoos: Nada!.
Righty or Lefty: Righty

Your 'Firsts':
First best friend: I wouldn't even be able to remember! My longest would have to be Caitlin from Primary school!
First Award: The first real award I received that wasn't from school camps and etc, was in grade six (last year of primary school) for Best Sportsmanship. 
First Sport You Joined: I would assume dancing! Though I wanted to do ballet! 
First Real Vacation: Out of Australia that would be New Zealand. 
First Concert: Forgetting Play School and The Wiggles concerts, I think it would be Human Natures concert when I was in primary school...It was pretty rad. 
First Love: Cats. Always cats. 

What Whovian wouldn't? 
Movie: The Harry Potter Series, The Sherlock Holmes movies, Breakfast at Tiffanies, Marie Antoinette, Die Hard,  The Help and Walk the Line, oh oh oh! Brave and Tangled!...I could go on! In fact I think I'm missing many of my favourites! 
TV Show: SHERLOCK & DOCTOR WHO & MIRANDA! Basically anything BBC and/or Whodunit murder mysteries.  
Colours: I don't think I have a favourite colour anymore. (says the girl with the completely purple bedroom) But I do love pastels. 
(Not in order!)
* Literally any Taylor Swift song
* Swinging Door - Eden's Edge
* All Nina Nesbitt's music (I tried to chose but I couldn't!) 
*Mama's Broken Heart/New Strings/The House that Built Me - Miranda Lambert 
*Jackson / Folsom Prison - Johnny Cash
Candy: Candy Canes & Rock Candy! Om Nom Nom!
Restaurant: Il Duca in Melbourne City! 
Store: Lush! Suga, Bath & Body Works (But there's none down under!), Retrostar and any random vintage stores! Oh and Tiffany's! How could I forget!?

School: None for the next few weeks!
Book: Sherlock Holmes Collection, Harry Potter series, Jane Eyre (and many more classics) and for my yong/adult/ childish side, I love The Tales of the Beadle and the Bard! 
Magazine: I used to collect Girlfriend, Dolly, Angelina Ballerina, Harry Potter Chess, Total Girl & so many more...I don't buy any anymore, but I've always wanted to check out the Frankie and Peppermint magazines!
Shoes: Cowboy boots, army boots and wedges. 
I added it! My bought-in-Nashville Cowboy Boots

Feeling: the anxiety building up, but also content. 
Single or Taken: Taken with a beautiful boy!
Eating: air...?
Typing: words!
Online: oui
Listening To: Cricket commentators on the TV.
Thinking About: If I should take photo's of my new Nashville Cowboy boots and put them in this post. 
Wanting: to achieve something today!
Watching: My boyfriend reacting to the cricket. (I can type without looking at the laptop screen)
Wearing: My lovely PJ'S!

Want Children?: I'd love to adopt! 
Want to be Married:  Oui!
Careers in Mind: So many, but not as many in reach. 
Where do you want to live?: So many places! Nashville, Rathdowne Street, Paris! Such beautiful places!

Have you ever:
Kissed a Stranger: No! 
Had Alcohol: Oui
Smoked: Nope!
Ran Away From Home: Nope!
Broken a bone: Nope! (knocks on wood)
Got an X-ray: I don't think so!
Broken Someone's Heart: I'm not sure!
Broke Up With Someone: Yes
Cried When Someone Died: Yes
Cried At School: Yes, so many times. 

Do You Believe In:
God: I'm an atheist, but an open minded one, or perhaps more an undecided one. 
Miracles: Yes. 
Love At First sight: I'm not sure, I think so! 
Ghosts: Only when I'm scared. 
Aliens: Same as above!
Soul Mates: Yes
Heaven: I'm not sure. 
Hell: I hope not. 
Kissing on The First Date: Yes!
Yourself: Um, no, I haven't learnt that yet. 

I hope you enjoyed perusing about me! Leave your blog post links below!! 

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