Monday, January 13, 2014

Picnicking at Fitzroy Gardens ||MaddyBeautyLove

Dress by Revival
Last weekend there was finally a break to Melbourne's autumn like weather, and mother nature granted us with a beautiful 26 degree day. It was perfect picnic weather! At least at first.

In my new dress attire (found in Myer's Basement for a margin!), new boots and a unfrequented up-do, I joined my parents on an picnic outing to Fitzroy Gardens.
Instagram: Nice_N_Spiffy

As an extra accessory I took my guitar along too! With my gorgeous daisy guitar strap I felt very June Carter-esque!

Off to Fitzroy Gardens we go!
My Dad couldn't help spring his iPhone on me either!

Cue the embarrassed daughter smile.

To walk off the food we consumed, we headed for the centre of the garden where we found Conservatory, a green house-type-thing in the heart of the garden, it housed hydrangeas and Patience (yes, my Dad could not resist a very Dad joke!).
Can you see the dark clouds rolling in? 
So enchanting!

I can see this being the perfect place for wedding photographs! All the vibrant colours contrasting with the flawless white statues. It makes me desire in exploring much more of Melbourne's gardens in hope of discovering more places like this. 

There's nothing I adore more than gorgeous wooden bridges.

      These boots are made for walkin'..... that's why they're so comfy!
Then suddenly the clouds rolled in and our lovely day out was cut short! But there were laughs still as we sprinted back to our car and made our way home. All in all, it was a peaceful day out with the 'rents!

                          I hope you're staying cool in the hot Australian weather!