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American Haul: Bath & Body Works (Black Friday purchases) ||MaddyBeautyLove

 People that know me, or watch my Youtube videos will find that I am an avid body care enthusiast. That's why my trip to Bath & Body works at the Beverly Centre (on black friday) in LA, was like a pilgrimage for this Aussie gal and it did not disappoint! Though I do plan on filming a haul for all of my American purchases, currently IMovie is deciding not to play ball and is continuously crashing on me! So for now, I think a first impression's post is in order. Besides that, I also had fun taking these photos. So keep posted for my drugstore haul and Sephora haul! Exciting! 

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Note: Keep in mind that these prices are in American dollars and the tax is not included in the ticketed price. (SILLY!)

New Cranberry Twinkle Body Lotion: 88ml $5
This stuff smells gorgeous and it's gorgeously coloured! Though they are coloured, it won't come of as colour on the skin. The scent reminds me of one of the Luxe body washes which is a great thing. It's a stronger scent than the Twisted Peppermint line and more sweet. The texture that these body lotions have is gorgeous! They have a not very thick, but soft texture. Almost like milk. I haven't felt anything like it with any Australian products that I've tried, which is why it's one of my favourite beauty purchases and thus a purchase that I plan to use sparingly!

·      Twisted peppermint Body lotion 88ml $5
    The texture and feel is the same as the Cranberry Twinkle lotion, but I much prefer this scent for the summer unlike the Cranberry one. To me this scent wasn't as long lasting or as strong as the Cranberry one either. It also doesn't have that pure peppermint scent that I expected it to give off (misleading packaging!) and of course there was minty sensation, but it was only a slight one. Though I guess you wouldn't be too wanting of that during winter! I bought two of these, as of course, I am peppermint obsessed! I actually almost chose three instead of purchasing the Cranberry one, but now I'm glad with my overall decision.
Bodylotion - right
Candle - Middle
Hand Cream - Left
Twisted Peppermint Nourishing Hand Cream: $5
As a first impression, I can't tell you how nourishing this hand cream is over a long period of time, but I can tell you that as soon as it sinks in to your hands they feel substantially softer! This is due to the presence shea butter and vitamin E, so it's not one that I would apply if I know I might soon frolic in the sun. The texture and the scent I've found, is very, very similar to that of the body lotions which also contain shea butter. But the scent is more minty. I love it!

Now these two purchases from Bath and Bodyworks aren't strictly body care, but I love them all the same!

Twisted Peppermint small candle: $4.50
Of course I had to purchase some sort of candle when I was in America, however there proved to be difficulties when I visited Yankee Candles, so I'm glad I took no chances! I chose the smallest candle due to the luggage weight restrictions and not wanting to spend a fortune on a candle and have it break before I arrived back home. I was so pleased when I arrived home and it was still intact and not melted! WIN! Due to complete fire bans, across Melbourne at least, the 40 degree heatwave and the use of air conditioners, the said 10 hours burning time isn't something that I've had a chance to test out yet. Nor have I been able to smell the candle burning. But I can tell you that like the Hand creme, it smells like the body lotions foremost, but sometimes you catch a whiff of a very strong mint scent. I can't wait to burn it! 

 Iced Gingerbread pocket antibacterial hand gel: $1.75
This was a must have purchase for me before I even left for America. I'd seen so many youtubers talk about these. But what I didn't expect was to be overwhelmed with the GIANT selection of antibacterial hand gels. Oh boy, there was. American's certainly expect a wide selection! Being overwhelmed and with little choice to chose, I picked up the Iced Gingerbread one thinking it would be a nice addition to my gingerbread collection. I didn't realise until a while later  what a strong scent it had! My friend tried this and a day and a shower later she could still smell it on her hands! 
It has an almost a burnt ginger bread cookie smell which I don't find to be strictly an "Iced Gingerbread" scent. My Betty Crocker candle (pictured) smells much, much more true to life if there was a comparison between the two. The strength of the scent after I used it once, made me feel sick so I've decided not to use this before meals as it would heavily alter the taste.
I hope that in the wintertime, I will be able to reform my opinion of it. 
The packaging claims that it contains "Tahitian palm milk" which sounds like a property that would soften one's hands, but upon trying to find more about this ingredient I've found nothing so far, which is odd.  One last thing to add, the packaging with the squirrel is super duper cute and I'm regretting not picking up any of the cute attachments!

Have you tried anything from Bath & Body works?

I hope y'all enjoyed this little post! Keep checking back and follow for the next few posts on the rest of my beauty purchases!

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