Thursday, March 12, 2015

Rose Hip Night Cream By Essano || MaddyBeautyLove

Cruelty free, organic ingredients, organic preservatives, vegan, rose hip

It’s important to keep your skin healthy, hydrated and happy, especially if you love wearing make-up like I do. Today is a night cream from a recent-ish skincare finds and boy do I have plenty to say! Essano's Rose Hip Moisture Restorative Night Cream is my weapon for soft, plump skin. that works while I sleep.  

Ingredients || Claims ||
Rosehip by Essano is a range based around - you guessed it, Rosehip! An oil that does wonders for any skin type. Whether its aged skin, sun damaged skin, de-hydrated skin, oily skin or fine lines. With it's amazing healing qualities this cream was created to rejuvenate your skin. Though of course, the rose hip oil doesn't do this alone. There's a combination of amazing ingredients like  organic jojoba oil, aloe vera, shea butter! *sigh of happiness*

Preservatives || 
This product does contain preservatives. However they are certified organic by Eco Cert. Their list of nasties that Essano avoids is shown in the left picture below. These are ingredients believed to be ones that mess with hormones and are carcinogenic. Things that I certainly don't want to be absorbed by my skin!  

Ingredients and the nasties it's free from.

Application ||
After my face wipes, cleanse and tone, I use about a 5 cent coin amount  to apply to my skin. I apply an even amount to my cheeks, chin, nose and forehead before softly massaging it in with circular movements, giving careful attention to my neck also. If there are any noticeably dry patches on my chin and between my eyebrows I'll apply a small amount of rose hip oil. By morning I find that the dry skin is gone. 

Texture ||
The consistency is quite thick but it absorbs quickly in to your skin. It doesn't sit on top and by the morning my whole face feels moisturised so it doesn't disappear on to your pillow during sleep. I have normal to oily skin ( usually my t-zone) and I can safely say that it definitely does not produce more oil, nor have I had any breakouts. 

Boyfriends Approval ||
Definitely! The scent is delicious. Though there is some obvious fragrance, it's a low ingredient on the list and definitely not fake smelling. It's a scent that is soothing for sleep with a tinge of sweetness about it.  

Where // Price || Cruelty Free ||
The most important question, is it cruelty free? YES. Cruelty free AND vegan. What's also great is that it's so affordable at $19.95/p. 50 g, it lasts me a long while.  As it's available at Priceline, you might be lucky enough to catch it on a sale. So completely guilt free. 

Other products ||
Essano also have a whole skincare range, from body lotions to face lotions. I'll have a review of the Treat Your Skin Pack up shortly so keep a look out for that if you're interested to find out more!

Bisous, bisous