Monday, March 2, 2015

My Lush Jar || MaddyBeautyLove

So I might be stating the obvious but, I have a fondness for Lush. I love Lush like Poo Bear loves honey. I guess it's not so surprising then that I find a lot of my money disappearing while simultaneously a basket full of Lush goodies materialises. I have no problem supporting an ethical brand that creates amazing products and the price tags that comes with it, but as a University student I need to limit my spending.

That's when Lizzie made a comment on my Instagram joking about starting a Lush Fund jar. We quickly both realised what a good idea this was so I got to work on finishing my peppermints and - Ta da!

Though I currently have some spare change in it, focusing just on a few coins here and there will be a hard way to satisfy my compulsive Lush spending. Especially since any spare change I have goes straight on to my Myki. So I've decided that this jar will be my motivation.

My Rules:
1. $10 A week to be added to the jar (just to help things along)
2. A few dollars added upon completion of all my daily tasks (homework, cleaning, class reading, and etc)
3. If I take part in something that is out of my comfort zone (because we need to be rewarded for big and little achievements)
4. If  I successfully hand an assignment in early (win, win!)
5. For every 4 products I finish

So here we have it, my Lush Jar! Ill be taking donations ; )
If you have any suggestions for more rules, please leave them down below and I'll take them on board.

Bisous, bisous