Thursday, February 5, 2015

Lush Valentines Day Collection ||MaddyBeautyLove

Lush Valentines Day Collection

It’s no secret that I am a Lush addict and as an extension an avid Bath user.
So it should be no surprise that weeks ago when pictures and Hauls were appearing from left, right and centre from bloggers in the UK – I started going a little crazy. So look what I have in my hot little hands!

Prince Charming Shower Gel:

I picked up the 250g bottle for $16.50 because the small bottle would not be enough. Like other Lush showergels, you won’t need an amount bigger than a 5 cent piece to create a nice lather over your skin. To me this showergel smells exactly like a jaffa lolly and it quite sweet in the bottle and the colour is the most gorgeous pink.

Cupid Love Soap:

I purchased a lovely chunk of this soap for $10.98 ($6.95/100g), not that I needed more soap! The soap looks like a beautiful piece of sparkly jelly. It feels like it too. You can almost mould the shape of it! There is something about this scent that somehow reminds me of pasta – I have no idea why. With passion fruit juice and soya yoghurt and figs this soap is ultra moisturising for your skin while also containing vitamin B and antioxidant properties. The rosewood oil is an essential oil that gives it it’s spicy wood aroma. Delish!
 What I love about Lush is that not only have they stopped using animal tallow in their soaps – they have also found an alternative for palm oil – coconut and rapeseed oil.

Floating Flower Bath Bomb:

Did you know that bath bombs like Floating Flower and Love Locket are actually made over several day? Think about the effort and time! Floating Flower is given the title of a slow fizzer and it goes for $6.75 which is a common price for the BB’s with lustre and colourful insides.  It shares the same scent as products like Flying Fox, Godiva Shapoo and Conditioner Bar, Lust perfume and Lustre Dusting Powder. This bath bomb is extremely strong in Jasmine Absolute, for me its almost off putting as I'm not a floral kind of gal. Jasmine Absolute is also believed  to have aphrodisiac and stress aid properties and mixed with ylang ylang and cypress oil it will a fun way to tone and calm the skin.

Love Locket Bath Bomb:

For this Bath Bomb you'll be forking out a whooping $8.95. It does contain a surprise bath bomb inside it’s gigantic body and I’ve seen people break this one up and split it in to a bath or two, which would give it a worth of around $4.45 per bath (cheaper than one use bath bombs). I picked up two of these because hey, it's a locket shaped bath bomb! I am still contemplating about what I'll decide – experience a whole one and separate the other in to a few bath? People have also noticed that with this bath bomb it’s an extremely fast fizzier. One thing is for sure it will give you a show. This baby is full of lusters, confetti, hearts and contains fair trade vanilla, jasmine absolute and neroli oil – all the products to tone your skin and give your mind a lift. In Tanya Burr's recent haul she named it her favourite!

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar: They do exist!

You may have seen these once mythical items everywhere on social media recently (check mine out here) and that’s because they’re so darn cute! You can pick one of these up for $6.95 which is actually the cheapest price range of bubble bar available. Unicorn Horn is much smaller than what pictures from other countries have shown (it's a little smaller than Candy Mountain Bubble Bar), and I have to admit that I was a little disappointed, but it’s still beauteous. Like Floating Flower, this bubble bar is strong in Jasmine Absolute however it is much, much nicer. With ylang, ylang and neroli I am expecting one very relaxing bath. 

Heart Throb Bubble Bar:

If you love the scent of Lush's new in-shower body conditioner African Paradise, then the $7.50 to bathe in delicious African Paradise bubbles will be truly…paradise. Though it's not my favourite scent, the organic shea butter will do wonders to soften skin while the sicilian lemon oil will work on rejuvenating my outlook. It also contains the toning sweet floral scent of geranium oil and fair trade vanilla absolute. 

Lonely Heart Bubble Bar:

The least floral product from the collection, the ingredients of this one definitely caught my eye. For $6.95 you will be enveloped in gorgeous red, shimmery waters infused with bergamot oil, rose absolute, jasmine absolute and most deliciously, lemongrass! I picked up two of these! 

Are you looking to pick anything up from the Valentines Day range? 

Bisous, bisous