Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Lonely Heart Bubble Bar (Lush Limited Edition) ||MaddyBeautyLove

Lonely Heart Bubble Bar Review

When I think 'Lonely Heart', I can’t think of anything but Marina and the Diamonds’ song Lonely Hearts Club
Though the design is nothing special, it's the essential oils that grabbed my attention. I didn't even smell it before deciding on two for $6.95 each. It is unlike the rest of the range as it is not dominated by tangy floral scents. 

It’s refreshing and uplifting with bergamont oil, rose absolute (thought by many to be an aphrodisiac), jasmine absolute and most importantly, lemongrass oil. Which gives it a lemon like aroma and is used in armotherapy as a kind of stress reliever. So I left the bath in high spirits. It is also toning on the skin, which is something I noticed.

I like using bubble bars alongside other bath bombs as I feel like they don’t give my bath enough excitement and the majority of them don't contain the ingredients to give your skin ultra nourishment.

The size of this one is actually quite small – and for last nights bath I couldn’t decided on which bath bomb, so I went without and used the whole bubble bar instead of the usual half.

I was happy with the bubbles that it created, though I notched it didn't take long for them to disappear. But I didn’t use the best method – I always forget to cruble the bubble bar in to the water and then run the water over the top of it.

The bath turned a nice red and with a smaller bath – it would become a nice, deep rich, romantic red. Not a deep purple red, more like red cordial or raspberry jelly. What I loved was the light reflecting on the lustre it was super pretty and absolutely mesmarising. I felt like a kitten chasing a string.

Now to address the lustre. This bubble bar, like the rest of the Valentines Day range contains lustre. I found that this lustre was just an overspray – so if you’re desperate to use it, just rinse it off first right down the sink and your bath will be lustre free. 

The scent of Lonely Heart does follow you when you leave the bath and when you softly pat-dry your skin, the scent and the lustre should linger for a good while. Though I always follow my baths with Moisturiser – but there is a slight tanginess that still shines through.

I didn’t find this bubble bar extremely nourishing – something I didn't expect when you study the ingredients, but I still enjoyed the soft water and my skin felt toned when I got out. I didn't find my skin irritated, even the severely dry skin along my shoulders. 

I can imagine sharing a romantic bath with a significant other using this bubble bar complete with some wine, dark chocolate and rose petals scattered around – I promise the red colour won't make a man shake in his boots.

Now for bath care! People might be afraid to touch such a bright coloured product from fear that it will turn their bath red.  I can happily say that it does no such thing. Besides the lustre, the bath leaves no trace of a red bubble bar having been in there. Though i have heard of people leaving their bath water in the tub over night and I highly discourage this. What I do is wipe the bath down with a face towel when I let the water out – no fuss!

Bisous, bisous