Friday, February 6, 2015

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Cupid Love Soap Review

To add to my building collection of soaps, I couldn't resist picking up just one more. Cupid Love is a soap that Lush has released in time for Valentines Day. I've read some not quite so rave reviews about this soap when surfing the net, and it got me interested since soap is something that Lush has never faulted with for me. 



Palm Oil Free, Vegan, Animal Cruelty Free.

My Thoughts:

This soap has the look and the consistency of sparkly, raspberry jelly. I still can't pin point what makes it so, but the texture is extremely squishy. At least it made it a dream to cut up in to smaller pieces.

The ingredients in this soap like the passion fruit juice, figs and soya yoghurt are meant to have vitamin B properties and super nourishing for your skin while the rosewood oil and cinnamon leaf oil is supposed to create a kind of spicy, woody aroma. Super weirdly, there is something about this soap that reminds me of pasta. Being ethically and economically conscience, they have also made this soap palm oil free by instead using coconut oil and rapseed oil, and of course there's no packaging. Making this soap completely guilt free! 

Because of the texture I doubted how well it would later up in the shower and it turns out I was right. Even with the aid of a loofah it didn't create the suds that I adore from Lush's other soaps. As an extension of this, I didn't find that the scent lingered on the skin at all when I left the shower. A positive of this is that it won't mix at all with any perfumes you might use for Valentines Day. 

Overall I find that this is one thing from Lush that I neither absolutely adore, nor dislike. The lack of nourishing lather and the fact that the scent doesn't linger on the skin (something I get from other Lush soaps is a little disappointing), but I like their choice of ingredients and the sweet scent. But of course the scent of something is always up to personal preference, so I definitely recommend popping in to a store and checking it out for yourself!

What are your thoughts on the Cupid Love soap?

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