Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy New Year! -My Resolutions-

The New Year


What are your new years resolutions? Comment below! I want to hear about them! 

Another year, another  365 days  of unpredictable craziness and another 40 of so weeks left of my last year in High School.

Just passed, another 1st of January when I made resolutions that will be forgotten by February the 1st and will forever be left resolved.

The question, this year, ‘will I make it a resolution this year to fulfill at least one promise I have made to myself?’ And then in fact killing two birds with one stone?


There is no reason to make a resolution about food for someone like me. Im not tempted but chocolate, cake, chips/crisps, or sweets of any sort.

 And staying away from the minority of junk food that I do enjoy, would never last. Because, when does it ever? (Though the respect I have for people that can, such as my mum, I will forever be in awe!)
 So instead I think the basis of this year will be keeping myself and those around me as happy and as for as long as I can possibly make things.

Of course for this,  we must start of with the traditional ‘get healthy’ one.
Though I’m not in any shape or form to be worried about my weight, and excluding any sort of idea of starting a diet. I plan to begin this year by living by the wisdom of Elle Woods.
Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands. They just don't!"In this case for me, ‘doesn’t fail year 12. They just don’t!’  

I think starting with at least 30 minutes of  walking or other exercise plus stretching is a good way to start.

Leg selfiess.... always great! 

what has also kept me somewhat motivated in past months was the calming exercise of taking photos of plants and such whilst on my daily stroll! 

Though, unfortunately, I am not a gifted photographer, I am fairly proud of these photos...Though my camera is to thank...mostly and there is nothing better than to capture beauty, stay calm and stress free while exercising! 

Also, to stay mentally healthy, I think I will put to use a well thought out Christmas gift that I received from my parents. 

The adorable chistmas-sy box it came in! 

 When I opened the box I wasn't sure what to expect!
I was pleasantly surprised.

 'Make today HAPPY'

I think it's an important thing to remind oneself of everyday.

 Three peg-magnet-thingy's, which I decided that I would use to clip up happy messages around my room!

A lovely ball point pen.
The ink was luckily in black.
(My favourite writing colour)

'Write it down' 

I think it's hinting something. 

 I love this idea! Though I don't believe there is enough for 365's, I think this will defiantly become handy for those unmotivated days! 

 The Collection!
 Just a little reminder...
How I have placed it

The original gift set:

At a newly lowered Price of $27.97, It's a fabulicious gift to brighten anyones day, or to even spoil yourself! 

Over all I think it was a cute stocking filler that my parents added. A gift with the main purpose of making me happier. 

The pages have a collection of blank pages, lined pages, worded pages and etc. 
Perfect for 'Happy lists', Happy snaps, inspiring quotes and more! 

Staying within the theme of Go and get happy, while I was searching for the gift set on their website, I came across the Kikki.K a project entitled 'The Collaborative Happiness Project' With the underlying message of 'Do More of What Makes YOU Happy!'

Go check out their site! It's not only a gorgeous page, but you can download a chapter of Gretchen Rubin's novel, 'The Happiness Project', you can take part in Happiness workshops, download inspiring wallpapers for computers and mobile devices! You can also pledge via Instagram for the chance of winning various prizes and join in on live chats! 

Take full advantage of this chance just as I am, in an attempt to make yourself happier as well as those lucky enough to be around you!
^The website ^

What are your new years resolutions? Comment below! I want to hear about them! 

I am not payed for this. I am simply showing to you what I have came across : )