Saturday, January 12, 2013

Avon Naturals Product Review

  Avon Naturals Refreshing Coconut and Lemongrass hand and foot lotion

The bottle claims:
'Induldge yourself with this moisturising  hand and body lotion. it absorbs quickly and leaves skin feeling soft, supple and smooth. this lotion will maintain skin's natural moisture and provide 24-hour moisturisation. 

To use: 

Apply a generous amount all over the body, particularly on exposed areas such as arms, shoulders, legs and thighs. massage in a circular motion onto the skin until dry. Use twice daily. Morning and night. 

My thoughts 

What I first found that I enjoyed about this lotion, was that there was no strong scent of coconut. Next to none! Even though the product claims that there is. 
However being someone who is fairly skeptical when it comes to all things coconut, when I received this lotion I believed that it would not be something that I could enjoy without sticking a peg on my nose. Though, to an extent, I was more than content to receive a body lotion, if anything at all! 
But instead I was pleasantly greeted the scent that is more than defiantly a fresh lemongrass dominated scent.

Having had a shower almost 15 hours earlier than this 2.30 am insomniac type session, the scent is still strong even now.

The texture is not thick and it’s very easy to spread with its semi-watery/creamy type  (Sunscreen is thicker than this) substance. It is undoubtedly the complete opposite to my Gingerbread Sparkle Body Butter from the Body Shop.

Since my semi-recent-starting unhealthy obsession with lathering on moisturiser every.single.darn.time I step out of the shower, this is the perfect every day moisturizer that i've tried. I find it better for the summer times than my previous use of Nivea Irresistibly Smooth dry skin body lotion.

As it claims, it does absorb somewhat quickly, and it feels relaxing on the skin on a warm Australian day. Though I do still strongly believe that all lotions should have SPF15+ I guess you just can’t have everything!

Though to it’s texture, its super duper easy to mix in with sunscreen in order to create that amazing summery scent that I have been searching for!

Unfortunately I cannot find this specific Avon product online. But other Avon Naturals products are available online.