Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hello, I'm Maddy and I'm here for beauty addiction...

As I am 17, now with under 4 months until I turn the big 1-8, it dawns on me harder than ever that I still have yet to find my place in this big crazy place that they call the ‘world’ though that can be seen as a person, a place or a thing, the closest I have come to find is my deep, loyal love in cats.

Because of this, (and perhaps the lack of friends I have acquired possibly due to my love for cats), I have been known to frequently hobby-jump. A term meaning, one that frequently finds themselves going from dream to dream and from activity to activity trying to find their true calling, or for short term sake, a hobby.

 My last drama solo..My character was Pinocchio

..Who doesn't love to be a bit foxy.. >

For dreams, these are short bursts of obsessions for me. I can talk for days about the chosen subject until I exhaust myself out of it while annoying those around me to the brink of their sanity. These include, hairdressing, being a
 librarian, a songwriter, a writer, playwright, and a music video director as well as to be part of an ensemble/stage performer/actor. The list will go on. And on, And on. 

                         For activities I’ve tried from squash to tennis, karate to dancing, rock eisteddfod’s to school productions and to my recent attempt at guitar. The three latter have probably been my favorites.

 So its no surprise I’ve now turned to blogging and you-tube-ing. This came about in a few ways. One specific for this channel was a recent obsession with beauty channels here on this beautiful place of free speech and craziness!

So watching you-tubers such as Zoe (Zoella280390), Fleur De Force (Fleur De Force ), Rhiannon Ashley, (Fashion Rocks My Socks) Tanya Burr and Kate Murnane (Dolly Bow Bow)  and Louise (SprinklofGlitter) set of a rolling stone within me.

Though I don’t l know what will be in store for me in terms of life, I hope that you can enjoy my weird impressions or what I like to call, Too hot-for-hot distortion of my face. Its great fun! Along with some crazy antics, unbelievably fast talking 

Me just casually as a dead evil girl in my last Media groups film^  

(Im trying to work on that), hyped up crazy videos where I’m sure to drop things multiple things as though they were repeats of the same clip.
But most of all, I hope you enjoy the journey. The journey I’m taking to become a better, new, comfortable, confidant me. To turn my life around. (Of course its also my new years resolution)

And maybe if you would like to, you can also join in and become part of the same journey too!

Who knows, maybe I’ll pick up some new friends along the way and miraculously find my place. 


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