Thursday, April 2, 2015

Lush Easter Collection Review || MaddyBeautyLove

Following my previous post on LUSH's Easter collection and my Lush Easter haul on YouTube, I thought I'd give more of an in-depth review to the products I picked up.  I thought I'd write about the products I did pick up. The Easter collection is only second to their Christmas collection. 

Immaculate Eggception ||
Available in a pink and yellow version, this mammoth (and expensive) bath bomb contains either a bunny or chick inside. SPOILER: The yellow one's contain the bunny. LUSH claims that this egg can be split in to three baths, and while looking at a comparison of the grams of one use bath bombs this one is less - if you can use it for three baths it ends up much cheaper.

With lemon and grapefruit oil, this one smells just like a sweet. Both oils are known for their uplifting properties and mixed with vanilla absolute it is absolutely scrumptious!
 Time of Day || The best time of day to use this one would be the mornings you need something special to wake you up, or those nights where you need to refresh from a long day. 

You will like this if you like… 

Yellow FUN – it carries the same sort of creamy vanilla scent.
Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon – both have the sweet, rich scent of grapefruit. Space Girl Bath Bomb – A bath bomb which also contains a fair amount of grapefruit oil. 

Golden Egg Bath Melt || 
Modelled after chocolate cream eggs (and much better), this one was created to do the wonders for your skin that chocolate eggs cannot. (Though as a melt, treat it like melt able chocolate and keep it somewhere cool)
As a bath melt, expect your skin to be the softest it has ever been. With Fair Trade olive oil,  Fair Trade, Organic cocoa butter (sourced from a Colombian Peace Village) and golden lustre what’s not to love! With sweet wild orange oil, bergamot oil this melt is delectable.

Time of the Day ||
ANY! Every morning, noon and night if I had enough of them!  

You will like this if you like… 
Any rich honeycomb scents. It carries the same scent as the Honey I Washed the Kids range including the shower gel, soap, Solid Shampoo Bar, Honey Bee Bath Ballistic, Golden Fun.

Fluffy Egg ||
Returning for another year, this Snow Fairy Scented bath bomb is a delicious mixture of what I can only describe as sweet marshmallow and red liquorice. Be prepared for the bright pink water and candy flowers that will float around as the bath dissolves.

Time of Day ||
Anytime that you feel like bingeing on really sweet food, go for this one to tide the cravings. It's much better for your skin! 

You will like this if you like…..
Anything sweet! Snow Fairy Shower Gel, God Mother Soap, Rockstar Soap, Magic Wand, Father Christmas, Melting Marshmellow Moment, Pink Fun.

Bunch of Carrots ||
Carrying one of my all time favourite LUSH scents, I’m sad I didn’t pick up more than one bunch. Sicilian lemon oil and buchu oil create this sweet, tangy scent. It doesn’t smell like carrots, but I can definitely pick the influence.

Time of the Day ||
Morning! Definitely an invigorating scent. 

You will like this if you like… 
The limited edition Carrot Soap, Snowman Shower Jelly which carry the same scent. But also products like Dragon’s egg Bath Bomb, You’ve Been Mangoed Bath Melt - with their invigorating citrus oils.

Hoppity Poppity ||
I would name this the perfect springtime bath – but unfortunately here in Australia we’re moving in to winter time.With lime oil, lavender and violet leaf this beautiful combination works to sooth, uplift your mind and sooth skin. For that extra special touch, LUSH have also added a little popping candy to recreate the sound of bunnies hopping around your bath.

If I’m honest, this is not my kind of scent, a bit too much herbal, floral of a mixture and I know it smells like something I’ve smelt before – which might mean I connect it with negative connotations. But otherwise, it’s a gorgeous one to look at.

Time of Day ||
This is the perfect morning bath option, for it’s fresh leafy, mind clearing oils.

You will like this if you like …
It’s Very floral and herbal. If you like their Imogen Rose or Tuca Tuca perfume, you’ll be a fan of this one.

Carrot Soap ||
So sweet, so fresh with a combination of carrot oil, sicilian lemon oil and bergamot oil this bar of soap is delectable. Only made better by the Fair Trade cocoa butter that the "Fighting Against Animal Testing" bunny is made out of. YUM and nourishing! 

Time of the Day ||
It's the perfect day time shower soap with a sweet scent that lingers on your skin.  

You will like this if you like … 
Bunch of Carrots Bubble Bar, Snowman Fun, Snowman Shower jelly. 
Magnificent Soap - Is a very sweet soap that also contains sicilian lemon oil.
But also soaps like Sexy Peel and Bohemian.

So there we have it! I hope you enjoyed this post and I'd love to know if you picked anything up from this collection down in the comments!  

Bisous, bisous