Monday, April 27, 2015

Revlon Parfumarie in Pink Pineapple || MaddyBeautyLove

First there was perfume for your body, then there was perfume for your hair and now there’s perfume for your nails! Released in Australian stores in 2014, the Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel's haven’t been hyped up too much in Australia. That's why I'm here, to share my thoughts on the range starting with Pink Pineapple.

I first saw these in November 2013 while rummaging through the beauty stories in America.  It was in Time Square that I came across this shade. The stand that day wasn't stocked like the stands you'll find in your local store, so I have since purchased more. My opinion however varies throughout the shades.

The bottles are absolutely beautiful and have the grandeur of an expensive Parisian perfume. For nail polish’s my favourite kinds are the square-ish brushes. Instead, the perfumeries have a petite thin brush. I find that this encourages streaking in application for this formula.  It also takes much more effort. I find that you also have to wait around 5 minutes between coats otherwise the formula doesn’t completely dry and the polish slides off and gets dints.

The above photo shows the variation of the nail polishes application. Starting with the thumb having 5 coats and ending with the pinky finger having only one coat. 

As you can see this nail polish has a lovely pink shade – almost French manicurist type. It’s not matte though  it contains no shimmer and it is not opaque. 
I feel like it looks great on both pale and tan skins. It takes me about 4 -5 coats to create coverage that covers your original nail colour.

To be honest this scent is a bit “meh” for me. It’s sweet and creamy and just how you can imagine a pink pineapple milkshake but at times it can be a little too strong to me. So for those who get headaches with overpowering scents I would avoid this one. The scent is strong for about three day.  it will come out as you apply it but reach its strength as it dries. 

I can get a few days wear out of this without it chipping – it does not however survive a shift without being completely ruined.

The price in America was decent (of course) for a Revlon nail polish, but I cant imagine paying the $16 here for them where Essie has a better colour range, with better application, opaqueness and wear ability. The subsequent ones I’ve purchased have been on 2 for 1 or on cheaper sales.

Bisous, bisous