Monday, April 1, 2013

One Year After (A Happy Day)

I just got home. I have never been more happily exhausted in my life. 'Why?!' you ask!
Well 365 (Or correctly according to my boyfriend 366) days ago, a friendship of mine blossomed in to a beautiful - I'm going to stop there before people start cringing at the apparent cheesy-ness. But you get the point.

 So anyways, the first is only great for this reason. The negatives are the cold, gloomy weather and the fact that on our anniversary it was the first of April...We, both times have actually taken no notice of that.

Fluffy Egg Bath Ballistic : Retails at Australian Lush stores $5.50
The Carrot Bubble Bar : $8.90
So we start of the day by heading in to Lush, where I bought the highly esteemed Easter goodies! (Pictured Below)

Followed by a looooooong trip to the Royal Botanic Gardens where I received my gorgeous gift and where my boyfriend opened his. 

We spent ages trying to re-find "Our seat" to no avail.
In hindsight...We were a little camera obsessed today.

Even my New picnic basket & Mittens got their fair-share of the limelight!

The weather was so gloomy. But I found a good clothing-layering-way to keep myself warm. 

I also played around with my Sony camera (I'm stating this as it is not an SLR camera) and I discovered that I had a 'Background Defocusing Mode' and that's when my horrible camera skills really came into play. (Don't judge too harshly!)

Le Nails

On my nails I'm wearing Rimmel London's, 60 Seconds, 220 Star Kissed (Pink) and I Heart Lasting Finish 170 Lively Lilac. I found these two colours to be such pretty, feminine colours & for some reason, when I see them I think of Easter!

I wore my hair semi-natural. I actually just grabbed big parts of my hair and wrapped them around a curler, held for a 15 seconds then moved on. I found that this way, gave it a far more natural look.