Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Lord of Misrule | 2015 | MaddyBeautyLove

Released for Halloween last year, I regretted purchasing only one Lord of Misrule. So as you can imagine, I jumped as high as the moon when Lush Australia announced it would be returning as a Christmas in July limited edition (sorry to those outside Australia and New Zealand!). 

Now you may notice that the rich emerald green bath bomb that you saw last year is now a beautiful aquamarine blue - well the end result is much more pleasant than the deep red/blood colour that the bath bomb ended with. This time around it becomes a beautiful midnight blue. 

The scent is absolutely divine. It is a herbal and sweet combination of Fair Trade vanilla with patchouli and black pepper. A must for the lovers of spice out there! 

As a slow fizzer, with the added extra of popping candy that is supposed to signal the red wine flowing during Pagan festivities during the Feast of Fools. Though it's not quite Halloween, there is no doubt that LoM is made for the winter time. The spiciness really gives off warmth.

The added bonus of the strength of LoM's strength is the scent that stayed on my bath robe following my bath (and still remains!). I used my Lord of Misrule a few hours before work and was complimented on multiple times for the apparent spiciness of scent I carried. Win! 

Enough talking, now I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. 

I also attempted to multi-task as I filmed a demo of LoM in action, check that out here!

It seems I would have no choice but to award Lord of Misrule with a perfect score of 10/10. 

Have you tried Lord of Misrule? 
How do you feel about its make-over?!

Bisous, bisous