Saturday, January 24, 2015

Current 2015 Summer Scent ||MaddyBeautyLove

Current 2015 Summer Scent

One of my favourite things about perfumes is their ability to connect you to a time in your life.
I will always remember Christina Aguilera's debut perfume as my year 7 to 8 perfume of choice to dance around my room to her 2007 "Back To Basics" album.

So which of my Summer Scents are reigning supreme?

 Taylor Swift: Eau de parfum 30 ml

Fruity. Fresh. Floral. Woody. Teens to young adult. 

Ms. Swift's third perfume release is a clear separation from the delectable Wonderstruck and Wonderstruck Enchanted perfumes. While their notes tended to be berries, amber and more woody notes, Taylor Swift EDP is suited perfectly for the spring/summer time.

The longevity as an eau de parfum is spectacular. After applying it late this morning, I can still smell it (albeit lightly) at 9.40 PM at night. 10 hours. WOOP! It's the perfect no fuss perfume when it comes to longevity, thats for sure. But, if you felt inclined to enhance this perfume even further, I've seen body lotions, shower gels and even hair mists floating around Myer. 

It is definetly one that you don't need to soak yourself in, as the scent is quite pungent and with notes that continue throughout her perfumes (musk, peony, woody notes) there's no wonder I'm so drawn to them. 

Scent Notes:

Top notes: 
Tangerine, Lychee and Magnolia petals.

Middle notes: Peony, Vanilla Orchid, Hortensia

Base notes: Apricot, sandalwood, chasmere musk.

Secretly, this was a perfume that I didn't like at first, but it soon grew on me. I used to think myself as someone not in to those overly sweet perfumes, but I can now confirm that after a few minutes the top notes (a.k.a the sweetest part) tones down and you get down to the fruity musk type notes. Divine! 

Though I've seen some love for this perfume, I've also seen some distaste in the design of the bottle. My opinion? I actually LOVE the design. The classic bottle (it even has its own pearl necklace!) mixed with some modern is something I adore. I would love the bottle just the same if instead of those psychedelic colours it was plain gold, however it would lose a little of it's loud summer vibe!

This is the scent that I feel best encompasses those summer adventures out of my collection. 

I also discuss this perfume in my January Favourites and in my February Empties Video. 

I'd love to know your current summer love! Comment below! 

Bisous, bisous