Monday, March 24, 2014

I Didn't Forget You! ||MaddyBeautyLove

Being bored in class today, I thought I'd check out if I had neglected any drafted posts…it turns out that I've neglected four! Quatre! So this post is just to say that I haven't forgotten about your guys yet and to remind myself to get my head back in the game! (That will be the first and last HSM reference I promise). But I'm back again! Or at least I am going to try.

So very soon you will see from me, a Lush review/Haul (Australian and America), an Empties review, Make-up/Beauty haul and another product review. YAY!

I've posted some videos on my YouTube since my last blog post, feel free to check them out in the mean time (or any time)! Oh and stay tuned! I have a very special tutorial coming up soon. (Hint, hint; the photo below! Can you guess what it is?!)

Bisous, bisous